The database below lists the theses and degree papers that have emerged from the CHILD Study.

Kalu R 2015

Maternal overweight prior to pregnancy and its impact on the infant gut microbiome and subsequent child overweight risk

MSc thesis, University of Alberta
Sbihi H 2015

Childhood asthma and allergies in birth cohort studies: tools for environmental exposure assessment

PhD thesis, University of British Columbia
Lau AA 2014

Sleep and sleep disordered breathing in the first year of life: a Canadian birth cohort study

MSc thesis, University of Alberta
McLean K 2013

Comparison of questionnaire responses with biomarkers of environmental tobacco smoke exposure in a Canadian birth cohort at three months of age

MPH thesis, Simon Fraser University
Shu H 2012

Phthalate exposure in a Canadian birth cohort at three months of age: exposure sources and the influence of socioeconomic status

MSc thesis, Simon Fraser University
McConkey CE 2012

Per- and polyfluorinated compounds in blood and their impact on respiratory problems in young children in Winnipeg, Manitoba

MSc thesis, University of Manitoba
Konya T 2012

Is house dust a reservoir for infant gut bacteria?

MPH Project final paper