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Breastfeeding may protect against obesity in early life

Household cleaners may alter childrens’ gut bacteria, contribute to their becoming overweight

Infants who sleep less may have lower cognitive and language skills by age two

Breastmilk protects against food allergies

Exclusive breastfeeding protects against becoming overweight

C-sections and gut bacteria increase risk of childhood obesity



Asthma in infant boys may eventually be preventable

Asthma and food allergies predictable at age one

Delayed food introduction increases risk of sensitization

Can breastfeeding protect babies from wheezing?

Pet exposure during early life has a positive effect on infant gut microbiota



Prenatal fruit consumption boosts babies’ cognitive development

Artificially sweetened drinks during pregnancy may increase infant BMI

Delaying the introduction of certain foods increases the likelihood of allergies later in life



Four gut bacteria seen as key to halting asthma

Babies' gut bacteria could predict food allergies



Birth, feeding choices affect a baby’s gut bacteria