Access to CHILD data has been the basis of many successful grant competitions.

Two successful applications to the CIHR’s Canadian Microbiome Initiative were based on access to CHILD fecal material and clinical data. The Study constitutes a focal point for numerous other studies undertaken by investigators across Canada, including in CIHR Signature Initiatives undertaken by various Institutes. Successes in these highly-competitive research environments illustrate the growing value of the longitudinal clinical and biological data emerging from CHILD.

In addition, international applications based on access to CHILD biological samples and data are in preparation or have recently been submitted to the National Institutes of Health (US) in collaboration with CHILD investigators.

The database below lists grants awarded that leverage data and/or samples from the CHILD Study.

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Azad, Mandhane, Moraes, Subbarao, Turvey 2020

Rapid research in the CHILD Cohort to inform Canada’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic: investigating the prevalence and predictors of SARS-CoV-2 infection, and the health and psychosocial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Canadian families | CITF portion

Azad 2020

International Milk Composition (IMiC) Consortium

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Maternal, Newborn & Child Health Strategy
Mandhane 2020

Longitudinal COVID-19 serology among CHILD Edmonton participants

Government of Alberta
Subbarao, Azad, Duan, Hirota, Kozyrskyj, Lou, McNagny, Surette, Turvey 2019

Causational Roles of the Gut Microbiome in Childhood Asthma: Leveraging the CHILD Cohort Study

CIHR: Team Grant : Canadian Microbiome Initiative 2: Research Teams
Becker, Azad, Brook, Kozeta, Ramsey, Simons, Subbarao, Turvey et al 2019

CHILDhood Asthma and Puberty: Understanding the Sex Shift in Asthma to Female Predominance

CIHR: Project Grant
Azad, Marshall 2018

The impact of soluble TLR2 and other immunomodulatory factors in breast milk on the development of allergic disease: translational research in pre-clinical models and the CHILD birth cohort

CIHR Project Grant
Turvey, Finlay, Kobor, Subbarao, et al 2018

Childhood asthma and the microbiome – precision health for life: The Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) study

Genome Canada
Gadermann, DeLongis, Janus, Kobor, Schonert-Reichl, van Jaarsveld 2018

From Society to Cell: Exploring the Social Exposome to Reduce Inequalities in Child Health and Development in Canada

New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF): Exploration
To, Abdullah, Gershon, Lou, Subbarao 2017

Building a Clinical Prediction Rule to Detect Respiratory Morbidity in Young Children and a Population Monitoring Rule to Measure Respiratory Health Services Use and Health Outcomes

CIHR Cohort Analysis Grant
Azad, Arrieta Mendez, Sharma, Sycuro 2017

Non-nutritive sweetener consumption during pregnancy: impact on infant gut microbiome and metabolism in the CHILD cohort

CIHR Operating Grant: Analyses of Existing Cohorts & Databases - IHDCYH
Anand, Subbarao, Sears, et al 2016

Deciphering the causes of metabolic syndrome in young children

CIHR DOHaD Initiative
Subbarao, Brook, De Souza, Duan, Kozyrskyj, Lou, Anand, Azad, Becker, Mandhane, Paré, Scott, Sears, Turvey, et al 2016

Gene and environment effects on lung health and risk for chronic respiratory disease, asthma and COPD

CIHR. Environments, Genes and Chronic Disease
Turvey, Brook, Kobor, Azad, Becker, Brauer, Finlay, Kozyrskyj, Lou, Mandhane, Sears, Subbarao, et al 2016

Programmatic research to understand how modifiable environmental factors interact with the genome in the development of asthma

CIHR. Environments, Genes and Chronic Disease
Dolinsky et al 2016

The developmental origins of obesity and obesity-related complications in children

CIHR. Environments, Genes and Chronic Disease
Mohn, Kollmann, Turvey, et al 2016

Systemic immunity: the missing link between gut microbiome and asthma

Azad 2016

Breastfeeding, human milk oligosaccharides and the developmental origins of obesity

Research Manitoba. New Investigator Operating Grant
Simons et al 2016

Early life origins of the food allergy epidemic. Predictors of persistent peanut allergy at age 5 years

Manitoba Medical Services Foundation
Brook, Brauer, Subbarao, Azad, Carlsten, Evans, Lou, Takaro, et al 2016

CANUE – Canadian Consortium for the Urban Environment

Kozyrskyj, Azad, Becker, Mandhane, Scott, Subbarao, Turvey, et al 2015

Cesarean section: impact on gut microbiota, childhood obesity and allergic disease

Becker et al 2015

Linkage CHILD to provincial outcomes

Healthy CHILD Manitoba Office
Azad et al 2015

Prenatal exposure to non-nutritive sweeteners and the development of childhood obesity

Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba
Sears, Anand, Brook, Subbarao, Allen, Becker, Kozyrskyj, Lou, Mandhane, Sandford, Scott, Takaro, Turvey, et al 2014

Early life determinants of asthma

Kozyrskyj, Azad, Becker, Mandhane, Scott, Subbarao, Turvey, et al 2014

Cesarean section: impact on gut microbiota, childhood obesity and allergic disease (bridge funding)

Subbarao et al 2014

Tests to diagnose and monitor asthma in preschool children

Ontario Thoracic Society
Kozyrskyj et al 2014

Association between early life fecal immune and metabolic markers and overweight status at 3 yrs

Azad 2014

Human milk composition and early childhood overweight

Manitoba Medical Research Foundation
Azad 2014

Breast milk microbiome and asthma

Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Respiratory Research Network, AllerGen
Anand, Becker, De Souza, Denburg, Sears, Subbarao, et al 2013

Understanding the impact of maternal and infant nutrition on infant/child health

CIHR: Program grant in Food and Health
Sears, Anand, Brook, Subbarao, Allen, Becker, Kozyrskyj, Lou, Mandhane, Sandford, Scott, Takaro, Turvey, et al 2013

Early life determinants of asthma (bridge funding)

Subbarao, Lou, Ratjen, Sears, Turvey, et al 2013

Lung function in preschool children: utility in diagnosis of asthma

Takaro, Brook et al 2011

CMP/CARA: Phthalate exposure in Canadian children during the first 3 years of life (CMP-3)

Health Canada
Kozyrskyj, Becker, Guttman, Hayglass, Mandhane, Scott, Befus, Chari, Field, Klassen, Moqbel, Turvey 2011

Synergy in Microbiota Research (SyMBIOTA)

CIHR: Emerging Team Grant - Microbiome Initiative
Finlay, Turvey, McNagny, Mohn, Kollmann, Moore, O’Doherty 2011

Impact of the Microbiota on immune development and disease

CIHR: Emerging Team Grant - Microbiome Initiative
Mandhane 2010

Sleep, Learning, Education, hEalth Project – Edmonton (SLEEP-E at 2 years of age)

CIHR New Investigator
Brook, Takaro, Wheeler et al 2009

CMP/CARA: Assessment of indoor residential exposures (CMP-1)

Health Canada
Subbarao et al 2009

Viral infection and wheezing in the first year of life

Brook, Takaro, Wheeler et al 2009

CMP/CARA: Improved tools for assessing exposures (CMP-2)

Health Canada
Mandhane et al 2009

SLEEP-E: Neurodevelopment at 2 years of age

Sears et al 2008

Environmental assessment of CHILD homes

Kozyrskyj, Scott, Becker, Befus, Mandhane 2008

The impact of antibiotics on intestinal microbiota of infants

CIHR Catalyst Grant