A wealth of research tools

To realize the CHILD Cohort Study’s aims, scientists across disciplines have developed resources that can be made available to support other research efforts.

CHILD has shared questionnaires, protocols, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other tools with numerous scientists and projects.

Available Study Resources


Over 400 questionnaires for the assessment of mother, father, child and environment from pregnancy to 5 years (including specialized questionnaires on sleep and on infant pulmonary function), and an additional 38 questionnaires for the 8-year assessment

Access questionnaires (password protected)

Nutritional assessment tool

A validated Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) for nutritional assessment in pregnancy, modified for Canadian use

Home environment assessment tool

A 158-page illustrated manual for home environmental assessments, developed in conjunction with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Dust collection tool

A novel sterile system for collecting house dust to avoid contamination with endotoxin and other matter

Methods papers

Descriptive baseline methods papers to act as resources for those performing similar studies:

Standardized Operating Procedures

SOPs for numerous procedures, including:

  • cord blood collection and processing

  • conducting home inspections

  • house dust collection

  • breast milk collection and processing

  • venous blood collection and processing

  • urine, meconium, and stool collection and processing

  • nasal swab collection and processing

  • saliva collection and processing for children and parents

  • anthropometric measurements of infants/children

  • spirometry for children and parents

  • allergy skin testing for children and parents

Accessing CHILD Cohort Study Resources

If you are interested in accessing study resources created by the CHILD Cohort Study, contact the Study’s National Coordinating Centre (NCC).