An unprecedented pool of early-life human genetic, epigenetic and microbiome data with potential to link with birth cohorts across the world

500,000 questionnaires and 600,000 biological samples already collected

Data from CHILD’s multiple and sequential health, environmental, nutrition and psychosocial questionnaires, clinical assessments, and stored biological and environmental samples constitute a national and international discovery resource and scientific data repository available for research and commercialization endeavours of scientific and social value.

The CHILD Cohort Study’s strengths include its longitudinal multi-disciplinary approach; capture of type, amount and timing of numerous environmental exposures; capacity for epigenetic evaluations over time; and ability to apply sophisticated bioinformatics of critical mechanistic pathways leading from exposure to disease. The value of the data and samples will increase exponentially as data collection is completed, enabling insights into non-communicable disease development in early life and, thus, early interception.