CHILD Cohort Study: New scientific insights into breastfeeding

The CHILD Cohort Study and a baby’s microbiome
*WINNER 2ND PLACE2019 IHDCYH Talks Video Competition
An introduction to the Study   *WINNER: First Place2015 IHDCYH Talks Video Competition

CHILD Cohort Study: Air pollution puts kids at allergy risk

Other videos about the CHILD Cohort Study

Dr. Stuart Turvey discusses CHILD findings about antibiotic use, the gut microbiome and asthma risk in this Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) video.

CTV News interviews Dr. Meghan Azad about CHILD’s COVID-19 research plans & poster contest.

CHILD families in Edmonton watch a documentary featuring CHILD science & scientists.

Sara, Colby & JD, Study participants from Edmonton, describe CHILD clinical visits.

Hazel & Sam, Study participants from Vancouver, describe their experience with CHILD.

CHILD families in Vancouver watch a documentary featuring CHILD science & scientists.

Trailer for a documentary film featuring CHILD microbiome research & researchers.

Manitoba site co-leader Dr. Meghan Azad discusses CHILD findings on breastfeeding.

Project Manager Aimée Dubeau describes CHILD’s 5-year milestone.

CHILD Founding Director Dr. Malcolm Sears on big data.

Manitoba site co-leader Dr. Allan Becker on the Study.