The CHILD Cohort Study and a baby’s microbiome
*WINNER 2ND PLACE2019 IHDCYH Talks Video Competition
An introduction to the Study   *WINNER: First Place2015 IHDCYH Talks Video Competition

CHILD Cohort Study: Air pollution puts kids at allergy risk

Other videos about the CHILD Cohort Study

CTV News interviews Dr. Meghan Azad about CHILD’s COVID-19 research plans & poster contest.

CHILD families in Edmonton watch a documentary featuring CHILD science & scientists.

Sara, Colby & JD, Study participants from Edmonton, describe CHILD clinical visits.

Hazel & Sam, Study participants from Vancouver, describe their experience with CHILD.

CHILD families in Vancouver watch a documentary featuring CHILD science & scientists.

Trailer for a documentary film featuring CHILD microbiome research & researchers.

Manitoba site co-leader Dr. Meghan Azad discusses CHILD findings on breastfeeding.

Project Manager Aimée Dubeau describes CHILD’s 5-year milestone.

CHILD Founding Director Dr. Malcolm Sears on big data.

Manitoba site co-leader Dr. Allan Becker on the Study.