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Branding Guidelines

When writing about or representing the CHILD Cohort Study, please respect the Study’s brand.

The CHILD Cohort Study’s Branding Guidelines provide information about the proper use of the Study’s name, logos, tagline, colour palette, and other details. 

The Study’s primary logo can be downloaded from this page. For other logos, templates and CHILD-branded materials, contact CHILD as indicated in the Guidelines. 

The Guidelines can be downloaded in PDF from this page

CHILD Cohort Study Branding Guidelines (PDF)

Media protocol 

The document below outlines a protocol for CHILD Cohort Study researchers to follow when dealing with the media to promote CHILD findings arising from a published research paper.

Guidelines for media interactions are essential to ensure that the CHILD Cohort Study, its research results, and its brand are professionally and consistently represented.

Close collaboration between the paper’s senior (corresponding) author, his or her institution and the AllerGen/CHILD Communications team is essential when planning and implementing public announcements of CHILD research findings. 

CHILD Cohort Study Media Protocol (PDF)