CHILD Cohort Study researchers are producing an ever-increasing number of abstracts and articles in scientific journals.

To date, the Study has generated over 140 peer-reviewed publications, over 120 of which directly report CHILD data, including three ‘baseline’ papers describing the study. Nineteen Masters/PhD theses reporting CHILD data have been published, and 286 CHILD-related abstracts have been submitted for presentation at national or international scientific conferences.

National and international publicity has been given to several key publications, with stories appearing in TIME, MacLean’s, Allergic Living and numerous other media outlets, including radio and television.

A 2013 Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) paper using CHILD data, published by the multi-disciplinary, multi-site SyMBIOTA team, was selected winner of the Bruce Squires Award as the publication most relevant to the practice of medicine and most likely to impact medicine in a positive way.


Peer-reviewed publications 2009-2021


Peer-reviewed publications 2009-2021