CHILD Director featured by SickKids

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CHILD Director Dr. Padmaja Subbarao is one of five women whose work has been profiled by SickKids on its website to commemorate the 2024 International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

In addition to running CHILD and holding faculty positions at the University of Toronto and McMaster University, Dr. Subbarao plays various roles at SickKids: Staff Physician in the Division of Respiratory Medicine, Senior Scientist in the Translational Medicine program,  Associate Chief of Clinical Research, and Co-Lead for the Precision Child Health initiative.

In her SickKid’s profile, Dr. Subbarao explains her choice of research in these words: “I chose to study cohorts because [a cohort] is a unique discovery pipeline that is incredibly impactful to patients, scientists and the public. Through the CHILD cohort study, we discovered novel types of asthma, the role of air pollution in developing allergies in infants, and the critical importance of the gut microbiome in asthma.”

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