PhD, BSc

Professor, Departments of Immunology, Medical Microbiology, and Pediatrics and Child Health; Director, Advanced Degrees in Medicine, University of Manitoba

Co-Director, CIHR National Training Program in Inflammation and Allergy

Director of Research (Grants and Research Promotion), Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba

Canada Research Chair in Immune Regulation

Dr. Hayglass’s primary research focus is on immune regulation; specifically, the roles played by cytokines and chemokines in establishing healthy, normal immune homeostasis vs. maladaptive immunity. His group is actively involved in collaborative studies probing the role of differential cytokine production in transplant immunology settings, but their work concentrates mainly on the most common chronic immune disorder–allergic diseases.

CHILD Study Investigator

Member, Immunology Working Group

Dr. Hayglass is a co-investigator on the CIHR-funded project “Synergy in Microbiota Research (SyMBIOTA).”

  • Institution: University of Manitoba
  • Location: Winnipeg, MB
  • Website