CHILD researchers advise on safe cleaning in the era of COVID-19

In a 16 March 2020 letter to the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), two CHILD Cohort Study researchers offer advice to parents on household cleaning habits in the fight to halt the spread of COVID-19.
“When the risk of community infection is high, increased use of disinfectants is warranted,” state Dr. Tim Takaro and Master’s student Jaclyn Parks, the CHILD researchers who recently discovered a link between an infant’s frequent exposure to household cleaning products and the later risk of childhood asthma.
“We stand by the recommendations in our published study and acknowledge that the current crisis will warrant the use of disinfectants at an increased frequency.” 
In their letter, they go on to offer guidance on choosing the right cleaning products, and how to use them responsibly to minimize associated health risks.
For example, they recommend that parents avoid cleaners that contain fragrances or are sprayed, and they underline the importance of ventilating while cleaning and of not cleaning in the immediate presence of children.