The database below listsĀ peer-reviewed publications that reference CHILD Study data as part of a review.

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Miliku K, Moraes TJ, Subbarao P 2023

Obesity and asthma: the egg, the chicken, or both?

Brazilian Journal of Pulmonology and international databases

Reyna ME, Bedard MA, Subbarao P 2023

Lung Function as a Biomarker of Health: An Old Concept Rediscovered

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

Medeleanu MV, Qian YC, Moraes TJ, Subbarao P 2023

Early-immune development in asthma: A review of the literature

Cellular Immunology

Tran MM, Sears MR 2018

Can the atopic march be predicted?

Annals of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology

Kozyrskyj AL, Tun HM, Bridgman SL 2018

The microbiome and control of weight gain.

Pediatric Obesity, Contemporary Endocrinology (book)

Entz R, Rai U, Rycroft J, Chari RS, Kozyrskyj AL 2018

Regional caesarean delivery practices, the maternal-infant microbiome, and risk for asthma.

Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada

Obiakor CV, Tun HM, Bridgman SL, Arrieta M-C, Kozyrskyj AL 2018

The association between early life antibiotic use and allergic disease in young children: recent insights and their implications

Expert Review Clinical Immunology

Moossavi S, Miliku K, Sepehri S, Khafipour E, Azad MB 2018

The Prebiotic and Probiotic Properties of Human Milk: Implications for Infant Immune Development and Pediatric Asthma

Frontiers in Pediatrics

Miliku K, Azad MB 2018

Breastfeeding and the Developmental Origins of Asthma: Current Evidence, Possible Mechanisms, and Future Research Priorities


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Meta-analysis of effects of exclusive breastfeeding on infant gut microbiota across populations

Nature Communications

Kozyrskyj AL, Bridgman SL, Tun MH. 2017

The impact of birth and postnatal medical interventions on infant gut microbiota.

Microbiota in health and disease: from pregnancy to childhood (book)

Stiemsma LT, Turvey SE 2017

Asthma and the microbiome: defining the critical window in early life

Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology

Kozyrskyj AL, Kalu R, Koleva, PT, Bridgman SL 2016

Fetal programming of overweight through the microbiome: boys are disproportionately affected

Journal Developmental Origins Health and Disease

Bridgman SL, Kozyrskyj AL, Scott JA, Becker AB, Azad MB 2016

Gut microbiota and allergic disease in children

Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

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Microbial programming of health and disease starts during fetal life

Birth Defects Research (Part C)

Kozyrskyj AL 2015

Can we predict future allergies from our infant gut microbiota?

Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine

Caulfield T, Burningham S, Joly Y, Master Z, Shabani M, Borry P, Becker A, Burgess M, Calder K, Critchley C, Edwards K, Fullerton SM, Gottweis H, Hyde-Lay R, Illes J, Isasi R, Kato K, Kaye J, Knoppers B, Lynch J, McGuire A, Meslin E, Nicol D, et al. 2014

A review of the key issues associated with the commercialization of biobanks

Journal of Law and Bioscience

Arrandale VH, Brauer M, Brook JR, Brunekreef B, Gold DR, London SJ, Miller JD, Ozkaynak H, Ries NM, Sears MR, Silverman FS, Takaro TK 2011

Exposure assessment in cohort studies of childhood asthma

Environmental Health Perspectives

Master Z, Ries N, Caulfield T. 2011

Balancing Efficiency and the Protection of Research Participants: Canadian Allergy/Asthma Researchers’ Perspectives on the Ethics Review of Multi-Site Health Research

Journal of Clinical Research and Bioethics

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BMC Medical Ethics

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Epidemiology of asthma: risk factors for development

Expert Review of Clinical Immunology

Subbarao P, Mandhane PJ, Sears MR. 2009

Asthma: epidemiology, etiology and risk factors

Canadian Medical Association Journal