Interview videos highlight CHILD research

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A recent video interview with CHILD investigator Dr. Meghan Azad, “Meghan Azad on Studying Chronic Diseases in Children,” produced by the Human Capital and Economic Opportunity (HCEO) Global Working Group, explores her work on the developmental origins of disease in children. It touches on the factors of maternal and infant nutrition, including breastfeeding, and the role of the infant gut microbiome.

In the video, Dr. Azad underlines the value of longitudinal studies in general and of the CHILD Study in particular.

In another recent online video, “Antibiotics Early in Life Alter Colonization and Predispose to Obesity,” produced by the Nestlé Nutrition Institute, Dr. Azad speaks about another area of her work that has been informed by CHILD research: the impact of early-life exposure to antibiotics on the gut microbiome, and associated health outcomes—especially predisposition to obesity.