CHILD profiled in Wave magazine

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Ilsa Buchholz is one of the almost 3,500 kids participating in the CHILD Cohort Study. You can read about what being a part of CHILD means to Ilsa and her parents, what tests Ilsa undergoes every few years during her … Continued

CHILD Manitoba co-leaders recognized

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Co-leaders of the Manitoba site of the CHILD Cohort Study, Drs Allan Becker (pictured above) and Meghan Azad (pictured below), will be recognized by the University of Manitoba later this month for outstanding accomplishments at their respective career stages. Dr. … Continued

CHILD families take the stage at conference

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Members of four families participating in the CHILD Study—one from each province of Canada represented in the Study—took the stage at AllerGen’s 2019 Research Conference, as kids and parents sat together on a panel and responded to questions from the … Continued

CHILD breastfeeding research makes a splash

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Ongoing research led by Dr. Meghan Azad, using data from the CHILD Study, has shed light on the breastmilk microbiome and on breastfeeding’s protective effects against allergy and asthma, as well as obesity and diabetes. High-profile publications in recent years … Continued