New Success Stories issue focuses on CHILD

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The new Winter 2021 edition of AllerGen Success Stories (Vol. 13) focuses entirely on CHILD research outcomes.

In fact, the magazine, aimed to inform a general audience about advances in health research emerging from AllerGen-supported projects, has now been re-branded as “CHILD Research Success Stories” and future issues will continue to profile impactful findings emerging from CHILD. 

The Winter 2021 issue includes the following stories:

SCREENS & CONSEQUENCES: Researchers at CHILD’s Edmonton site have taken a close-up look at screen time in preschoolers and found that quantity matters – a lot

Featured researchers: Dr. Piush Mandhane (University of Alberta) and Dr. Sukhpreet Tamana (Simon Fraser University)

BREAST MILK: BEST SERVED STRAIGHT FROM THE SOURCE: Researchers at CHILD’s Manitoba site have discovered a new benefit of breastfeeding

Featured researchers: Dr. Meghan Azad (University of Manitoba) and Dr. Shirin Moossavi (University of Calgary)

PASS THE PEANUT, PLEASE! How to protect a baby from developing peanut allergy? Start with some peanut-based foods

Featured researcher: Dr. Elinor Simons (University of Manitoba)

CLEAN HOUSE, CONSTRICTED AIRWAYS: Not all cleaning products are created equal – and new research shows that frequent use could predispose children to developing asthma

Featured researchers: Dr. Tim Takaro & Jaclyn Parks (Simon Fraser University)

LOOKING AFTER LITTLE LUNGS: Avoiding antibiotics in infancy may protect against future asthma

Featured researchers: Dr. Tim Takaro & Jaclyn Parks (Simon Fraser University)

Past issues of Success Stories often featured CHILD research outcomes as well, and can be found on AllerGen’s website. The transformation of AllerGen Success Stories into CHILD Research Success Stories reflects the completion, in 2020, of AllerGen’s research mandate, and the continuation of CHILD research as a legacy of the AllerGen network.